Warehouse Solutions of Prepaid Products

  • Stock Management
  • Stock Queries and resolutions
  • Stock Ordering assistance
  • Full reporting
  • Switch and Store Airtime and Pinned products directly purchased from Operators securely in Warehouse
  • Bulk Printing

Transaction Solutions

  • Full transactional Recording
  • Full transactional Tracking
  • Bulk Transactional Services

Agent Management

  • Downstream Commission Management
  • Set Incentives
  • Sim Management
  • Sim Tracking
  • Sim Validation
  • Sim Allocations
  • Order Management
  • Submit Order Requests
  • Transfers
  • Cash out Commissions
  • Transfer funds
  • Standard and Custom reporting
  • Cloud Based Service
  • USSD, Online, Mobile and Integration interfaces

Marketing management Platform

  • Customer Communication Platform
  • Create Campaigns and Surveys
  • Dynamic date settings
  • Manage Customer Registration
  • Accumulation of Rewards, Competition Entries, Points
  • Incentivize Participation: Airtime, Coupons and Vouchers
  • Redeem to Airtime, Vouchers and Coupons: POS proficient
  • Supplier Involvement: Participation Real Estate
  • Supplier Involvement: Consumer Value
  • Drive Customer Behavior
  • Location based Services to identify location of participation
  • Effectively Align with Marketing Roadmap: Promotional Periods

Customised Hosting Solutions

  • Branding
  • Around customer processes and procedures
  • Look and feel
  • All Products: Airtime and VAS
  • Web Services
  • Socket Connections
  • Postilion/ISO Integrations
  • Any tailor made integrations are possible