The Next Generation Surge Protection Technology

Rayvoss transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) systems have been designed and manufactured to provide the ultimate in protection for telecommunication, IT, automatic control infrastructure and sensitive electronic equipment in general. Strikesorb® the high surge capacity protection element found inside Rayvoss® systems, repetitively absorbs and dissipates the excess energy of lightning strikes and power surges, without performance deterioration or signs of aging. Contrary to the conventional protection devices using parallel varistors or silicon diodes, Rayvoss® and Strikesorb® can sustain multiple successive lightning hits. Rayvoss® and Strikesorb® offer this while providing complete and uninterrupted protection without requiring maintenance - even under harsh environmental or poor power quality conditions. Rayvoss®and Strikesorb®have been successfully installed in thousands of sites worldwide, protecting telecommunication, defense, industrial and governmental infrastructure from the hazardous effects of surges.

Strikesorb Models

Strikesorb is the protection module used in Rayvoss TVSS systems. It is offered in two types according to its surge current capacity:

  • Strikesorb 80, rated at 200kA
  • Strikesorb 40, rated at 140kA

The Strikesorb 80 is used in locations that are exposed to high intensity surges or in locations with critical equipment. The Strikesorb 40 is ideal for the protection of equipment in urban and rural locations inside street cabinets or integrated solutions.

Special Models

Special models and customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements are available. Surge protection modules have been successfully integrated inside power panels, variable speed drives, telecom street cabinets etc.